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    2020-03-05 10:33:14 來源:福建成考網


    1. Today is Jenny’s wedding day. She _______ to Thomas.

    A. just has got married

    B. has just married

    C. was just married

    D. has just got married

    2. Every officer and every soldier _______ obey the rules.

    A. had to

    B. have to

    C. has to

    D. must have to

    3. Rarely _______ so difficult a problem.

    A. she could have faced with

    B. could have she faced with

    C. she could have been faced with

    D. could she have been faced with

    4. ______ a dog on the road, the car stopped.

    A. Having seen

    B. On seeing

    C. The driver seeing

    D. Seeing

    5. I asked my teacher _______.

    A. what courses should I take

    B. should I take what courses

    C. I should take what courses

    D. what courses I should take

    6. Comrade Li promised to help us and he said he would come ______.

    A. right away

    B. all at once

    C. all of a sudden

    D. all right

    7. There aren’t many pandas ________ in the world today.

    A. alive

    B. living

    C. lively

    D. lived

    8. Such electron tubes ________ in a radio set are also found in a TV set.

    A. that we use

    B. as we use

    C. as we use them

    D. that we use them

    9. It _______ to me that he was jealous.

    A. happened

    B. took

    C. occurred

    D. felt

    10. One of the requirements for a fire is that the material ______ to its burning temperature.

    A. were heated

    B. must be heated

    C. is heated

    D. be heated

    11. Please ______ me at the station on time.

    A. meeting

    B. to meet

    C. meet

    D. met

    12. _______ “hello”, he reached out his hand.

    A. Said

    B. Saying

    C. To say

    D. Say

    13. People are more _______ to spend money on goods with an attractive look than those without.

    A. attracted

    B. tempted

    C. persuaded

    D. tended

    14. It was ______ he saw the doctor coming out of the emergeney room with an expression as grave as a judge _______ he realized the seriousness of his wife’s illness.

    A. not until…that

    B. after…when

    C. until…then

    D. before…that

    15. Please telephone me half an hour _______.

    A. in charge

    B. in advance

    C. in time

    D. in front

    16. Both Mary and Ellen, as well as Jan, _______ studying Chinese History.

    A. are

    B. is

    C. are being

    D. is being

    17. I’d like to _______ him to you for the job. He is a very clever and industrious boy.

    A. refer

    B. suggest

    C. recommend

    D. propose

    18. It ______ that 200 people died and over 5,000 lost their shelters after the flood.

    A. reported

    B. reports

    C. has been reported

    D. has reported

    19. He was asked to speak louder ______ all the other students in the classroom could hear him.

    A. as

    B. so as to

    C. so that

    D. so as

    20. His report on the space exploration was really ________.

    A. exciting

    B. excited

    C. excitement

    D. excitedly


    1.D 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.D 6.A 7.A 8.B 9.C 10.D

    11.C 12.B 13.B 14.A15.B 16.A 17.C 18.C 19.C 20.A


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